Sportaxy is a convenient Web-based tool to manage the training process. Athletes can effectively monitor their progress and record performed workouts in a training calendar. Coaches can manage their athletes and correctly estimate their form. Sport organizations can build and control their teams, as well as create competitions. Sportaxy links together athletes, coaches, and sport organizations and makes interactions among them easy and effective.

Sports person

Training calendar

Manage your training plans, workouts, races and tests in an easy to use calendar.

Analyse your training progress

You can track your training process using various statistics. This will help you to monitor your sport form.

Training plan generator

The generator can automatically schedule your training sessions taking into account periods when you have to reach the best form for an important event.

Many sports supported

We already support a large number of sports. If your sport is not yet available in Sportaxy, let us know and we will add it.

Detailed workout statistics

For every workout you can analyse detailed statistics: heart rate, elevations, position on the map, etc.

Search on Google map

Google map allows you to search for races, clubs, events and people, register for competitions, add them into your calendar.

Upload data from training devices

Upload data from your training device. Several formats are supported.

*.tcx - Garmin Training Center Database v2
*.fitlog - Fitness Logbook
*.sdf - Suunto (T6, T6C, ...)
*.hrm - Polar HRM
*.xml - Polar Personal Trainer

Share with friends

Your friends can see your training calendar. They can copy your workouts, plans and races into their own calendars.

Find coach

Need a coach? Try to find one. Your coach can add plans to your calendar and see your progress.


List of coached athletes

As a coach you have access to all the people you coach. You can add training plans into their calendars, monitor their progress and change plans accordingly.

Advertise yourself

If you are a coach in some sport, you can tune up the site to show your name in the search. This way people looking for a coach might find you.

Find athlete

Search for athletes that might be interested to have you as their coach.

Sport organization

Create teams

Create teams that belong to your organization.

Assign people to teams

The organization can add a list of coaches and a list of athletes for every team.

Manage team training process

In the training calendar, an athlete has access to all team coaches. They can add training plans for the athlete and monitor the progress. Every team coach has in his calendar a list of all team athletes that he trains.

Register competition

You can register your competition on our site. If you do, it will appear in the search, on Google maps and people will find out about it.

Athlete registration for the competition

When athletes find your competition they will be able to register for it and it will be added to their calendars.

Competition results

After the competition is finished registered users can receive the results by email or view them on the site.

Statistics and analysis

You and the competition participants can look through the results, compare the results from different years, compare themselves with other people, monitor their progress.